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How Can I Save
You Money on Taxes?

As The Tax Free Man, I will share with you how you can save money on your taxes! I’ll show you how to utilize the tax code to your full advantage and save big.

Why Am I Called
The Tax Free Man?

Because I show and teach people how to save money on taxes.  I specialize in this area. I study the tax codes extensively and have became the go-to person.

Are You Benefitting From Triple Tax Free Advantage

If not, you are hurting yourself, your family and your wallet. I’ll show you Triple Tax Free strategies that you, your family and wallet will benefit from.

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So many people today just follow the herd.  In today’s world you must be well read, smarter and up on the best legal strategies to save yourself money.  There are other financial tools that are different than 401K’s and IRA’s that have tremendous Tax Free benefits.

I will show you how to utilize these tools and implement the strategies saving you big tax dollars. I keep saying it over and over again;  It’s your money… you worked hard for it and you should have the right to keep it.  

I will show you how to save more for you and your family… and less for the IRS.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Save You Money on Taxes?

I’m asked that all the time. As The Tax Free Man…  I will share with you how you can save money on your taxes!  

In the current tax law there are strategies that are available but not mainstream.  I’ll show you how to utilize the tax code to your full advantage and save big. 

It’s called your money for a reason.  It’s yours, not theirs!

Why Am I Called The Tax Free Man?

Because I show and teach people how to save money on taxes.  I specialize in this area.  Taxes will be increasing. The country is in serious debt and we all work hard for our money.  Since people are always asking how to save money on taxes, I studied the tax codes and became their go-to person.  It appears paying taxes is on people’s minds all the time. 

When you realize you can save money on taxes and  it’s in the code… it’s a no brainer.  Saving equals more money for you and not for Uncle Sam.

Are You Benefitting From Triple Tax Free Advantages?

If not, you are hurting yourself, you’re hurting your family and you’re hurting your wallet.  You need to get up now and call me.  I’ll show you Triple Tax Free strategies that you, your family and wallet will benefit from.

What Question Are You Most Asked?

It’s always taxes first; “How much money am I going to have to pay?!”  The next most common questions people are interested in learning about is “How can I get protection from losses in the market and how to reduce fees.” 

As The Tax Free Man, I am an expert in answering these and other questions;  this is my specialty.  You need someone like me who will arm you with information. You definitely don’t want a sales guy.  You need someone like me who is dedicated to the industry and full of knowledge and experience.

My strategies will protect your money from loss and provide Tax Free money for income, Tax Free money for Long Term Care and Tax Free money for Legacy.

This is your Triple Tax Free Advantage!

Have You Heard of The Great American Saving Myth?

It’s such a great question.  The answer can be summed up very quickly.  Ready…  It’s not all your money but it can be.  Let me show you the path on how to reduce or eliminate taxes and have more of your money in your pocket for your family to spend, enjoy or save! 

Let’s make you the person in control and no longer the other way around.

Is There a Strategy Tool or Investment That is Triple Tax Free?

You must either be reading or speaking to really smart people.  Yes, you can have triple tax free, of course, depending on your goals and objectives.  A plan can be designed to accomplish that goal. 

As your life evolves, needs may change and adjustments can be made, but triple tax free does exist.  If you like triple tax free, we can help you achieve that goal.  Then do call me The Tax Free Man!

Are Taxes on Sale Right Now?

Absolutely.  Ask yourself, would you be happier paying 28% today or unfortunately, 50% in the future.  We are $25 trillion in debt as a country.  Taxes have no other way than to go up.  Can you imagine taxes at a  50% tax rate? 

If that bothers you, Call me, that’s right, The Tax Free Man.  I’ll show you everything, how to save and relax into your retirement.

Are You Familiar With the "Hidden Tax"?

The Hidden Tax.  It’s your worst nightmare.  Since no one can predict the future with regard to tax rates, we don’t know ever know what’s going happen when current tax rates expire. Of course, based on our deficit, they have to go up, right? 

Think about when you were starting out and saving for retirement, taxes  were probably lower.  Now when it’s your time to  retire, taxes have gone up to 50%.  Your retirement plan was cut in half by the IRS tax codes and the Hidden Tax.  The hidden tax also allows the IRS to dictate the rules, decide for you when you must take your money out, and if you don’t comply, they can impose penalties. 

I will show you how to remove the hidden tax, gain control of your taxes and get rid of those tax payments you would rather not make.  If saving money is important to you, Call me now.  If I can’t help you, it’s free!

How Would You Like a Tax Free Retirement Plan?

Folks, it’s available today!  No one is going to show you this but me. Why hasn’t anyone been talking about this?  It’s not new. I will  show you how it works.  In fact, I just set my own daughter Jennie up with a tax free retirement plan .  I said to her, “Do you want to pay a lot of taxes later or do you want a tax free retirement?”  It didn’t take long for her to understand and answer.  She said,  “Tax Free is For Me!”

What Will Happen in 2026 When the Tax Codes Change?

Taxes must go up. The Bottom line, you’ll keep less of your hard-earned money.  Think about it this way.  If you have $100 dollars and pay 28% in taxes, you keep $72.  If the taxes are raised to 50%, you keep $50.  In addition, things cost more like food, clothing and medical. However, you have less to spend. 

I will show you how, before the tax law change, how to implement strategies, so this does not happen to you.  If you love your money like most people do then please be proactive, take the time to educate and arm yourself with knowledge and information. 

Look back in history, taxes are on sale right now.  Wouldn’t it be lovely to save all this money and use it for what you want not what the IRS wants?  This is a rare once in a generation opportunity.  SEIZE THE MOMENT and call me today!

What is Decumulation?

Have you heard me speak before?  During your working years you are in the accumulation stage, at retirement you are in decumulation or distribution stage.  We are the experts in the decumulation, distribution and transfer stages.  You need experts in this area that understand taxes, health care issues and transfer issues.  How to take out what you saved in the most efficient tax manner will determine how much money you’ll have to live on.  How to protect your money from a healthcare crisis or how to pass money to family or charity will be based on your goals and objectives. 

There are right ways to do this giving you more money, paying less in taxes, protecting the money from a nursing home and then the most efficient tax free method to the family or charity. 

If this is important to you then we can help.  If you want control, if you want more of your money for your family, please contact The Tax Free Man.  

Do Lawyers and CPAs Come to The Tax Free Man for advice in Tax Savings Plans?

Yes they do.  My strategies and tools allow their clients to take advantage of the tax code as well.  They have said repeatedly,  “Our clients love saving money and appreciate how the  Tax Free man was able to assist in that process. Many thanks to The Tax Free Man!”  

At the end of the day….It’s all about saving money; You worked hard for it and deserve to keep it. 

If You Want to Save Money on Taxes- Call Now!

I have the strategies to put more money in your pocket for you and your family!


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For more than 30 years my top priority has been Senior Retirement Planning. I like to call the category…Seasoned Adults. As more baby boomers approach and enter retirement, I have remained focused on helping them secure their future in this changing economic climate. With Taxes always on people’s minds, I thought it was extremely important to understand the tax-code and utilize it to your advantage no matter what stage of life you are in. I am dedicated to help create strategies that will provide tax free income.

I graduated from a New England College with a much better understanding of the world after expanding my horizons. I pride myself on educating individuals, families and business’ with regard to financial planning/retirement planning so they can make impactful decisions that will affect and shape their family and life. I am compliant with all state licenses. My knowledge is 33 years of experience in this field as well as holding several management positions with some of the country’s largest financial services firms.. I am here to help you if you truly are seeking financial help and tax planning.

I look forward to meeting you!


In my work, I take the time to understand the investment needs and risk tolerance of each prospective client and customer. This comprehensive evaluation enables me to develop the tailor-made retirement plan that best meets my clients’ short and long-term objectives.

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